Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nice Sunday ride with the team

Nice team ride this morning.  A pretty standard route, but still quite fun.  A few hard pushes to stay with a very fast group, both on the way out and the way back.  For some reason, a strong pace climbing to Panzano, staying with David even after he did his normal pass with around 1 km to go.  And it was nice to have a guest riding with us who was even older than I at 72.  He was really quite strong, and give me something to shoot for.  Nice ride, Andrea.

Today's taste treat has to be the cheese burger I had at my local panini place with a beer after my return.  They do a very nice job, filling it with insalata, pomodoro, cipolle, and ketchup.  (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and ketchup).  You always have to say you want formaggio (cheese), even though you order a cheeseburger.  We also have a running discussion about the pronunciation of cheese burger, as they try to get me to say it the Italian way, and I always say it is an American term and they should say it my way.  It adds a little fun anyway.  Warm enough in the sun to sit outside and enjoy the cheeseburger and beer.  Life is good.

Lorenzo on the way back toward Passo dei Peccorai, when
we were finding some team members who did not stay with 
the faster group on the way to Greve.  Sorry, Leif and Michelle
we never found you.  

A vineyard on the way to Greve.  At at times, the weather cleared 
and it was really quite nice.  The leaves are really changing now.

Most of the group in Panzano, where both bar / cafes were 
closed.  No cafe!

Andrea, who at 72 is the only person I have ridden with on a team
ride older than I, with Lorenzo and David, climbing to Luiano.

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