Sunday, November 23, 2014

Excellent Sunday ride through San Polo.

Absolutely perfect weather today, which was something of a relief.  The forecasts lately have not been very accurate, and cold weather with fog and small amounts of drizzle have been staying in the valleys, in particular in the Arno valley where Florence site.  Anyway, today at the start of the first climb, I took off the long fingered gloves, changed from a skull cap to a head band, and was totally warm for the whole ride.  One of those days where it is just a pleasure to be alive and out riding in Tuscany.  I loved my route today, and it was simply a variation of many semi close in Chianti routes connected in a slightly different way.  The road from Brollo over to the road that climbs to Dudda was particularly nice, a tiny road with almost no traffic, beautiful views, and a reasonable surface.

The thing that struck me on my ride today was the social scene in San Polo where I stopped at a bar / cafe where I almost always go on my way through this tiny town.  It was probably timing, but after I got my cafe and pastry, and set up on the small porch in front, around 20 people came and went, almost all stopping for the typical two sided cheek kisses, hugs, and happy, semi loud conversation.  This is something I really enjoy about Italy, people just seem to embrace life and being social, particularly in small towns like San Polo.  I would think only around 200 people live there, and it appears they all know each other.  It also appears that the bar I have become fond of is a happening meeting spot, at least it is around 11:15 on a Sunday.  Anyway, I really enjoyed checking out, viewing, and in a small way, being part of the scene in San Polo today.  Ciao.

93.5 kilometers in 4:01 for an average speed of 23.1 kph with 1481 meters climbed.  Only 1862 km remaining for my goal of 20,000 k for the year.

Above Antella on the way to Capanuccia.

There are certainly some vineyards still holding their fall colors.

Cruising down toward San Polo.

Midway down from La Panca, just after Cintoia, this beautiful
view opens up.  I was noticing the villa on the hillside for
the first time, as I am usually just going fast here.

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