Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 2 with Don and Kay - Bacheretto, Castra, Ginestra and home.

Second day out with our guests, Don and Kay from Crested Butte, where we used to live.  I asked what they would like to ride last night, and Don asked me for a suggestion, hopefully with something new.  I happily offered one of my new favorites, and we rode out through the Cascine to Via Pistoiese to Seano.  I had warned them it was a busy road, but everyone was fine with it.  My weakest point cycling is my power on flat roads, and I have learned to enjoy it more, so with practice, I will get stronger there.  After Seano, the fun begins.  We rode new roads for Don and Kay through Bacheretto then back on the regular road to Pinone.  Water, cafe, and some really excellent fritelle de riso.  Next is the super fun descent through Castra to Limite, then the flat, main road to Montelupo, then Ginestra.  More water in Ginestra, then up through Carchieri and Inno to Vigliano, where we turned off to go over through Santa Maria a Marciaolla to the descent to Scandicci.  The first time I rode this was with Don and Kay while visiting here and we were exploring together.

Super fun day, and a stop at B-Ice, a great gelateria on the way home.  I offered up riding through the Centro, which they wanted to do, so a little craziness at the end of the ride.  Perfect weather, with a high around 70F and mostly sunny.  My first day with shorts and short sleeved jersey, although I did have arm warmers for the start and descents. Sweet day!  79.5 kilometers in 3:56 to average 20.5 kph with 996 meters of climbing.

Don and Kay in front of the old Medici summer villa in Poggio a Caiano.

Just another beautiful road in Toscano.

Don climbing on the way to Inno.

Kay climbing through the town of Cherciacheri.

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