Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hills close to home north of town with Donnie C.

Don and Kay returned from Pescia today.  Pescia is a special little town that sits at the start of a mountainous drainage, with lots of fun riding.  Emily and I spent a couple weeks close by, outside of Lucca in Ponte a Moriano last August, and I did some of the rides.  They love the hotel they stay at and love the wonderful riding there.  They were back around 12:45, and Kay declined a ride today, but Don and I got out for a short ride.  I had a different route in mind, but after thinking about it, I took him around the Cercina area taking 4 of the 6 ways up and down to and from the town.  I had a little longer ride in mind, but when I gave him the option, he decided on returning a faster way.  It turned out to be a good decision, as it started sprinkling about 1 kilometer from home, and was actually raining within 15 minutes of our return.  Nice to stay dry.  Anyway, fun ride in the countryside.  It is a beautiful time of year, and unlike yesterday, I felt good when I returned.  Ciao a tutti!  36.4 kilometers in 1:55 averaging 19.0 kph with 810 meters of climbing.

I love this view climbing toward the Church above Cercina.  Here
it is on our second time (different routes each time) today.

Donnie C's two hero shots of the day, finishing the climb
to the Church.  Beautiful day, until 3 minutes before we returned
when it started to sprinkle.  The real rain held off until we were
home and dry.  I will take luck any time. 

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