Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quick ride to the North on a beautiful spring day.

Lots of errands and chores today, and I am honestly not feeling great.  I have been fighting a cold for almost a week, and today I think I let my guard down enough for it to take a small toll on me.  I still think it will be gone in a couple of days, as the symptoms usually last a little over a week for me.  It seems that the more I fight and healthier I am, the less severe the symptoms are.  So, anyway, it got me a little today.  Usually, a ride makes me feel better, but today was the exception to the rule.  Super beautiful day, and a nice, short ride close to home, and I felt basically ok while I was riding, but upon my return, things caught up with me.  Still, nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful Tuscan countryside here on a perfect spring day.  24.4 k in 1:13 with 481 meters climbed.

I like this picture so much I went to the maximum size.  Wisteria going crazy on the descent from Cercina to the Careggi area.

More wisteria on the descent.

I don't know how well it shows here, but the new leaves on 
all the trees seemed to glow with their own light today.

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