Sunday, April 5, 2015

More crazy days with a good training ride in there.

More relatively crazy days, but that may be the new normal for a while.  Long tour with the team tomorrow, then a super early client ride on Tuesday, and guests coming on Wednesday for a few weeks, with the middle week spent elsewhere.  Today, it dried up after rain almost all day and night yesterday.  I had to return Kate's car, that we used last night, so I was not out riding until 1pm or so.  Actually, all in the plan, as I knew the rain was predicted to stop in the early morning hours, and I wanted to let it dry.  Also, I had time to do a bike lube / cleaning, which I should do weekly, but have been letting it go almost 2 weeks.  Good to go now!

I did the ride I planned, although at times, in particular when there were very light showers with lots of wind, I thought I might abbreviate the ride.  But no - I hung in there, which is what I need to do if it really is training.  The Granfondo Firenze is in two weeks, and actually, I am feeling pretty ready.  Today was a climbing day, and I have a route that challenges me pretty good, with 1513 meters on climbing and descending in 55 kilometers.  So, that works out to be an average of around 6% climbing for 1/2 the ride and -6% descending.  Anyway, a good workout and really quite a fun ride.  No riding yesterday, as it really started to pour around 12:00 and I did have a date to see Cinderella with my wife, daughter, friends, and all their kids.  Total group size of 22 with 15 under the age of 7.  Actually a real fun way to see a movie like that, which I thought was simply amazing.  They really seem to be very good at making enjoyable movies these days.

55.0 kilometers in 2:54 to average 19.0 kph with 1513 meters climbed.

I just love this view from Montesenario.  Cloudy, cool, with very slight showers, but still a fun and good ride to get up there.  Always good to get to the top.

Looking toward the sanctuary at the end of the road.

It has been blocked off lately, but the side of the sanctuary toward
the Mugello is now open for viewing.  

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