Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 3 with Don and Kay - great tour into the Mugello, then east to Diacetto.

Another day out with our guests, Don and Kay, good friends from Crested Butte.  I learned from last year to not be impatient to get started.  After all, they are on vacation and everyone lives to their own rhythms.  So, we were on the road at the crack of noon today.  We did have an excellent tour though, and the weather cooperated well.  We basically did a route that Kay suggested today, although it is a standard tour for me in this direction.  We climbed the main road to Fiesole, which I do not often do, then up to the Monteloro turn off.  Here we started the Monteloro descent, then turned off for a tiny road that Kay in particular likes over to the road that hooks up with the contour road through Santa Brigida, Fornello, Doccia, and the windmill before descending to Ruffina.  Great panini and cafe in Ruffina at one of my regular spots, then one of my favorite climbs to Diacetto.  Over to Pelago, then descending to Pontasieve then cranking back into Firenze.  Really nice tour of 76.6 kilometers in 3:53 to average a very civilized 19.7 kph with 1323 meters of climbing.  Tomorrow, Don and I will do the granfondo course, which is a little hard for Kay, but she graciously suggested we do it and she will have a girl's day with Emily.  Ciao a tutti.

Beautiful church at the main piazza in Fiesole.

Don and Kay at the main piazza in Fiesole.

The view on the contouring road between Fornello and Doccia.

Another beautiful road in Toscana.

Don and Kay climbing together around Doccia.

Kay almost at the top of the last climb.

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