Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One post, two rides and spring has returned!

Yesterday, up very early, before 5am, so I could stretch and eat before meeting a client for a ride at 6:30, which is barely light enough for riding.  It was pretty cold, around 38 F, so some of the winter gear was back out for me.  Warren, my client, came down and was surprised by the temperatures and returned to get riding tights.  He was very prepared, and as we rode I realized he does this quite often when traveling, although he said this was the first time he had hired a guide.  He normally finds rides through internet channels and can navigate his way around.  Florence is pretty hard to navigate unless you know where you are going, so he had me for the day, which was only for 3 hours, as he needed to be back by 9:15 at the latest.  He was one of the strongest clients I have ever guided.  Not as strong as former pros, but the former pros I have taken out always throttle back to my speed without a problem.  Warren was basically into going as fast as possible the whole time, which I was just barely able to accommodate.  I was able to put 50 meters on him on the hardest climbs, but that was it.  He was a very interesting guy, fun to ride with, and it is good for me to be with clients who push me, although it rarely happens.  We rode in the Mugello hills close to town, as I had no idea of his riding level ahead of time and knew he had a time constraint.  He wanted to be back around 9am, and I am proud to say I had him back at his hotel at 9:02, which is harder than one would think with something like cycling.  Fun, hard, fast early morning ride with lots of climbing.  Thanks for the business, Warren.  48.7 kilometers in 2:19 to average 21.0 kph with 958 meters of climbing.

Today, Don and Kay, from Crested Butte, where we used to live arrived.  Their flight was scheduled to come in around 1pm, and Emily went to meet them at the airport.  I stayed home, as there would not be room for the two big suitcases, two ritchey break a way bicycle suitcases and four people in most any cab.  I did manage to sneak in a quick ride, and had time to take a couple of pictures.  Yesterday, no stops for anything like photos.  I did one of my favorite close in rides and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was still a little cool, but warmed up as I rode.  By the time I returned, it really felt like spring was back with the temperatures approaching 60F.  Got a message from one of the people I work for and quickly went to his office after my return for payment for a few tours.  Back in time for a shower and something to eat before Don and Kay arrived with Emily.  They are out getting groceries now, which gives me the time to finish this up.  For a while I will be posting our rides together, so you will be seeing them in the pictures soon.  Today was 27.1 kilometers in 1:18 to average 20.9 kph with 472 meters of climbing.  Ciao a tutti!

Spring is back!  Tree in bloom behind a nice gate structure.

I love this beautiful road between Pian de San Bartolo and Cercina.

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