Sunday, April 12, 2015

Granfondo preview with Don - I am feeling ready.

Awesome day for a long tour.  Don and I did most of the granfondo course today, which was a tour I had wanted to take him on, but it is simply a little too hard and long for Kay.  I also got the benefit of a last hard tour before I taper for the granfondo in one week.  I really felt good today, we were pretty fast, and I feel very ready for the race, which is nice.  When we started, I basically felt tired, but I think it was the effects of a big meal last night, and I rode the climb to San Domenico pretty hard, and all the fog I was in lifted.  Really a great day for this long, hard tour, and we rode it quite quickly, at least for me.  We had a couple more stops than normal for me, but they were nice.  Cafe at Passo Giogo and Passo della Futa, along with water fill ups many spots along the way.  I actually found the correct climb from Firenzuola today, and after noticing all the signs, it is obvious why I normally do not find it.  Basically, you have to follow signs for Bologna from Firenzuola until you get to Via Bolognese, when you get a sign for Firenze and Passo della Futa.  Really fun, nice day and a good last hard ride before tapering.  116.4 kilometers in 4:54 to average 23.7 kph with 2298 meters climbed.  Atta boy, Don!

Don was pretty excited by the autodromo race track with a 
motorcycle race in progress.

The view toward the East from just above the Autodromo.

Quite the motorcycle scene at the top of Passo Giogo as Don 
and I sat and enjoyed the sun with our cafes.

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