Friday, April 17, 2015

Final taper ride - ready to race on Sunday!

Nice, easy last taper ride today with Nicola with just the right pace, distance, and effort level to be ready for the race on Sunday.  Nicola will be doing the race as well, and after our discussions today, I think she will do the long course, but we shall see.  I just checked our entries, and we have 23 from our team in the race.  Only 4 or 5 will be doing the long course, but hopefully it will be fun for all.  I have had a different approach this year, perhaps taking the whole thing a little too seriously, but I am trying for a fast time, under 5 hours, I hope, and have tried to prepare well for the event.  It will be interesting to see how this works for me, what my time will be versus last year, and how much I enjoy the event.  Last year I certainly tried to go as fast as possible for me, but was really pretty casual and approached it as a fun, timed event rather than a race.  We shall see how the different preparations worked.  This year's course is a little longer than last year's with the loop through the autodromo race course thrown in, which probably adds around 7 kilometers.  Check the blog on Monday for results.  Today's ride was 54.1 kilometers in 2:19 with 284 meters climbed.  Wish me luck!

My last taper ride before my race on Sunday.  I rode with Nicola,
and we had a very nice tour to Carmignano and back through Signa.
We stopped in Carmignano for a cafe and pastry, and the change from 
a week and one half ago was amazing.  I have been coming through here
most of the winter at least a couple of times a month, and all the piazza
furniture was stored.  Today, we enjoyed lounging with tables for
our cafe.  A very pleasant scene.  Nicola returns to Revelstoke, Canada
in a couple of weeks after 8 months here and was wondering how she would
react to being back with "Starbucks and Tim Hortons"

Another view of the small piazza outside the Pontormo Cafe.

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