Saturday, May 30, 2015

2 solo rides, first in a while.

Two nice solo rides yesterday and today.  I thought I might have a tour tomorrow, but it was cancelled.  No problem as I am in recovery mode.  Yesterday I rode a favorite out through the Cascine, then on the flat roads to Seano, then up to Bacheretto, then down back to town through Carmignano (great cafe and pastry in the shade in a relaxing chair in the main square), Signa, San Donnino to Firenze.  I did not really feel great, but good enough and it was a spectacular day to be out.

Today, I actually felt strong, which is a change lately, which was nice.  I knew I would find out late midday about tomorrow's tour, and I decided to do a route that stayed away from where the team ride tomorrow goes.  Good decision with tomorrow's client tour not happening.  I ended up riding out Carota the up to San Donato in Collina, with perhaps a personal best averaging 21.1 kph to San Donato.  It is good to feel strong and good out there.  I enjoyed the descent through Incisa to Figline where I climbed up the Passo de Sugame road stopping in Dudda for an excellent cafe and pastry.  It is my version of an energy break here and I like it.  We all have our own version of what a performance enhancing drug is.  Just a little more climbing then the truly excellent descent from La Panca to Strada, then back in through Grassina.  Nice to feel strong for a change and nice to have a couple of solo rides.  Ciao for now!

Montemorello and the Arno valley on the descent toward
Carmignano from where the road above Bacheretto joins
the Pinone / Carmignano road.

A view yesterday to the Southeast on a quick stop during the
descent to Carmignano.

The Chianti ridge looking toward Dudda and Passo de Sugame.

Looking at the Chianti ridge toward Brollo.

This is a war memorial at the turn off to go over to Brollo.  Although
these are not often seen in the countryside, most small towns
have one.  Beautiful day today.

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