Friday, May 1, 2015

Two days of rides with clients, what I call work.

A couple of work rides the last two days.  Yesterday, I did a Florence by Bike Chianti tour for a young English couple, Liam and Lucy.  When I started the day, I had forgotten to charge my phone, so I did not take any pictures.  They were pretty strong, and we had a very nice tour, with a few extensions.  As always, Leonora at Villa Monteoriolo was an excellent hostess and cook for our very nice lunch.  The weather cooperated and we all had a good day.

Today, I took 2 Irishmen out on a meet and greet to Impruneta.  We met at the shop and took some time to get the bikes set up and get moving.  Once we were moving though, they were quite fast and we made our way to Impruneta in a little over an hour, which is pretty fast for taking clients there.  They were supposed to be 4, but the missing person hurt himself doing some final training for the ride.  They are off on a self guided three day tour, where I get them set up and guide them to Impruneta, then we relax, review maps and itineraries, and turn them loose.  All three are in their early forties, with families at home, so it was kind of a bachelor long weekend with cycling as the main activity.  They are friends from University, and it kind of reminded me of my group from CC.

After leaving them, I enjoyed a nice solo tour and return to Firenze.  I descended toward Falciani, then climbed through Luiano to the road to San Casciano, then home through Chiesanuova and Scandicci.  Other than picking up a paco de gara, tomorrow is an off day, with what should be an interesting granfondo on Sunday, the "Seven Walls".  Today's ride 52.8 k in 2:32 with 723 meters of climbing, yesterday, 53.6 k in 3:15 with 614 meters of climbing.

Another beautiful day in Chianti.  How lucky I am.

Looking back toward Impruneta on the way to Falciani.

The vines are just getting that spring green glow.  Che Bella!

Vineyard above Luiano.

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