Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nice ride through Bacheretto.

Great mid day ride, although I was out in the heat of the day.  The highs are only mid 80's, so even mid day it is not too bad.  As you climb, the temperatures are nice, and I enjoyed a nice cafe and slice of crostata in Pinone on the terrace.  Nice breeze and temperatures I would guess in the mid to high 70's.  Quite nice.  Enjoyed the ride and have been thinking of doing this ride for a while.  It is not a ride to take client's on, so I got it in solo.  Perhaps clients would enjoy it, but I stay away from busy roads with clients.  On the way to Seano, I hooked up with a guy wearing a new kit with the sponsor of Eddie Mercx, the exact name of which I have forgotten.  We made good time together, then he turned off, I presume for Carmignano right after Poggio a Caiano.

I enjoyed the climb through Bacheretto then up to Pinone for my break.  Water in Bacheretto, and today was the first day of the year I was spraying my head and face with water while riding.  Feels good.  I rode back home through Montelupo after the sweet descent through Castra.  Along the Arno river road, mostly in shade, with pretty nice temperatures right next to the river, which was the plan. It is nice when plans actually work.  71.1 kilometers in 2:57 with 657 meters of climbing.  Great ride.

The fountain in Bacheretto.  I took this for an
English friend, who lives here occasionally to ride.
He always likes my pictures of fountains.  This
one is in Bacheretto.

Nice sculpture at the little piazza in Bacheretto.

One of the views on the way to Pinone from Bacheretto.

One of the views on the way to Pinone.  The hardest hill is done.

The view from my chair, resting and enjoying a cafe and 
an excellent slice of crostata in Pinone.

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