Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A favorite, solo.

First solo ride in a while yesterday.  I am happy to have lots of work right now, and when I do not have work, I seem to have events, but it is nice to ride solo at times.  Yesterday was a day filled with many, many errands, but I was done in time to start riding around 3pm.  The sun is setting now around 8:30, so there is plenty of time to ride.  Yesterday was the first "hot" day of the year as well, with highs in the mid 80's, which is what it was when I started.  I rode sleeveless for the first time this year and it felt good.  I took it easy, or relatively easy, as all the work and events are taking a toll on my energy level.  One more event in the near future, and I am deciding whether to do the long, which was my plan (205 k) course or the medium (135k).  I just signed up two days immediately after the event, so I am considering the medium course.  We shall see.

Yesterday's ride was great.  Nice to go my own pace without checking on anyone.  Did a favorite semi short route that I thought would keep me in the shade most of the time.  It was more exposed than I thought, but the temps were really not too hot.  Beautiful ride and many good water refills.  No head dousing yet, though.  69.3 kilometers in 3:16 with 1103 meters of climbing.

Looking through the trees at the green splendor on the way to Bombone.

A tiny, and I think beautiful road above Cellai.

A villa near San Martino with the Chianti hills in the background.

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