Thursday, May 7, 2015

Into the Mugello with Lee.

Lee and I had a great tour this morning and early afternoon into the Mugello.  Yesterday, Diane told him if he wanted he could get a bike and do a solo day with me, allowing us to go farther and faster.  One of my bikes worked for him, which he really liked, and we had an excellent tour into the Mugello.  A very circuitous route, as I knew he was very strong and liked to climb on tiny roads.  Just what I like as well.  So, a back way up to San Domenico, then down to the climb through Vincigliata. Over to Bivigliano, then the super fun descent to Vaglia.  Up to San Agata for a nice cafe and pastry, then over to Galliano, and back through Bosco ai Frati, Faltona, Polcanto, Pian de Mugnone, and home.  I think, just about perfect weather for a ride with a high temp around 75, almost no breeze, clear skies, and spring just happening all around us.

Lee is an excellent athlete, strong, and determined.  When we started, I told him he may be stronger than I and he could go ahead where it worked.  It did not turn out that he wanted to go ahead, and I even tired him out by the last climb, where I dropped him while not paying perfect attention to where he was.  Just an excellent day out and a very fun ride for both of us.  Thanks, Lee.  90.3 kilometers in 4:04 with 1541 meters of climbing.  Sweeeeeeet!

Just getting started.  Lee about midway up our second climb of the day with the 
Castello Vincigliata in the background.  Che bella!

Lee at the recently renovated church and monastery at Bosco ai Frati.  

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