Friday, May 29, 2015

Visit to Assisi.

Yesterday, Kate and I took a trip to Assisi with Emily's Art History group.  It was Kate's birthday present from January, but it took this long to find a trip that worked with everyone's schedule, including Emily's, as she stayed in Florence to take care of the grandchildren.  Just an amazing trip and one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen, maybe the most beautiful.  The main Francescan church is simply amazing, as is the story of St Francis.  Elaine Ruffolo, who teaches the art history class was our guide and is great.  After visiting the church for 2 plus hours, we made our way up through the town to our lunch spot, which had excellent food.  The desert in particular, may have been one of the best things I have ever eaten.  After a very fun, slightly rowdy lunch, with much wine consumption, our group of 24 made our way to a couple of other churches.  The walk through the town was great.  It seems that wherever you look or go, it is just beautiful.  What a wonderful day.

The huge Francescan church on the way from the bus parking area.

A side tower that grabbed my interest as we prepared to enter 
the main church.

One of the cloisters going through the Franciscan Church.

Walking through town there are many views like
this through narrow lanes with the countryside
laid out in the distance.

The castle above Assisi from the town square after lunch.

Another beautiful view on the way to visit this church.

What a beautiful town.  Just starting back to the bus with the group.

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