Tuesday, May 5, 2015

FBB Chianti tour - new route to Villa Corti

Back on the bike today for a Florence by Bike Chianti tour.  We did a new route today that I had scouted for them ending at Villa Corti with a wine tasting, a tour of the facility, and an excellent lunch.   The route has a much more difficult climb, up some switchbacks from Galluzzo.  It is short, however, and today two of the people walked most of this part, but the fastest people in the group only waited around 10 minutes.  It did, however, wear most of them out a little, so there was less energy for much of the remainder of the tour.

The tour, tasting, and lunch were great, and the people at Villa Corti, a Corsini villa and winery, could not have been nicer.  It seemed they wanted more business like this.  Speaking with the person at FBB who organizes the tours at the end of the day, I was not sure if I should recommend it or not.  It seemed the group today was pretty fit, and pushing them a little, we did not return until around 5:15.  If the clients were not as fit, I could easily see an extra hour, which would make for perhaps a little too long a day.

For today, a beautiful route, very happy clients, excellent weather, a great tour.  61.6 kilometers in 3:55 riding time with 667 meters of climbing.

Happy clients after finishing the hardest climb of the day.

Iris' in bloom above Galluzzo on a driveway to another beautiful villa.

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