Friday, May 8, 2015

Last day with Lee and Diane, Firenze / Radda

Today was my last day with Diane and Lee.  They have been fun clients and it was certainly interesting to learn a little about how a tandem handles versus a regular bike from a guiding point of view.  Diane was a little reticent to go too fast downhill, so I would wait, but when they saw the bottom of a hill with a climb coming, they let it go and the tandem really develops some momentum. So, I had to start back up a little sooner and harder than normal.  After the climb starts, though, they were at their weakest point while climbing, for instance, it just doesn't work to stand up, so I need to take all that into account to stay just ahead of them, which is what I like to do as a guide.

Bottom line, fun three days.  Pretty perfect weather.  Great riding.  Fun clients.  What more could I ask for.  126.7 kilometers in 6:13 with 1771 meters of climbing.

Climbing a hill on a beautiful morning starting the tour 
to Radda - Great job, Diane and Lee.

On the way to Impruneta.

On the way toward Greve with a view back toward the Arno
valley and the Alpi Apennuane in the background.

At the top of the climb above Chiocchio.  I think this is my
best tandem shot.  As per usual, my last photo shows I have
learned something about shooting a tandem.  Ready for my 
next tandem clients, should another couple ever show up.

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