Sunday, May 31, 2015

Consuma and Croce Ai Mori con squadra.

An exceptional tour this morning with a few from the team.  We started with 7, and rode out to Pontasieve together.  A couple turned around there, which I did not know until the top of Consuma, as a few simply continued in Pontasieve.  We had 5 at Consuma, on a perfect morning for this relatively difficult climb.  Basically 1000 meters of climbing in around 15 kilometers with a pretty steady grade other than a couple of breaks thrown in there that are flat and even downhill.  Only 3 of us continued to do the planned ride descending to Stia, getting water, then climbing Croce ai Mori.  I had not climbed this in a couple of years, and it was much harder in my memory.  It was really quite nice today.  I do this ride around 4 or 5 times a year, but the last couple of years I have done it in the opposite direction.  It was great to do it this way today.

We descended to Londa, where I insisted on a stop as I needed some fuel at the bar there.  I had eaten my banana, had an espresso, but needed more for the return to Firenze.  We returned pretty quickly, as Clemente was quite strong today.  I had only ridden with him a couple times before, and he was quite a bit stronger today.  He is Canadian, and comes here with an art school every year for 4 to 6 weeks.  Anyway, he definitely kicked it today, and he, Lorenzo, and I had a great tour.  Just a pleasure to be out there today.  Thanks guys!

The crew at Passo della Consuma this morning.  Only two continued with me to Stia, then over Croce Ai Mori to Londa then back home.  

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