Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brenda - San Donato, Incisa, Greve, Tavernuzze, Firenze

I awoke today to a beautiful day, clear, clean skies after yesterday's rain.  I picked up Brenda at her hotel around 10 and found out Mike was still feeling poorly and would not be riding today.  Brenda was up for a good long-ish ride, so we set out on the ride I had planned for them today.  On the way out of town, we had to go to the garage to pick up the bike she was using, then we did a route that took us by the shop, as tomorrow when they rent a car and move out to Greve, they will most likely have to pick up a bike rack to use for the trip.  After all this maneuvering, we were on the viales, then across the river and on the way to Bagno a Ripoli.

From Bagno a Ripoli, we climbed up past Osteria Nuova, to the top of the hill at San Donato in Collina. We re-grouped and I explained the descent and described the old Medici summer villa we would see on the way down.  We descended down through Troghi, Cellai, and stopped in Pallazzolo for a pastry and a cafe for Brenda.  I had ridden by this particular Bar, and there always seemed to be local people hanging out there or eating.  The pastry I had was quite good.  From Pallazzolo, we continued descending to Incisa, then rode by the river (Arno) to Figline, where we turned off for the climb to the Passo de Sugame.  It is a really wonderful climb, and lately I have been detouring before the top to La Panca, but today we rode to the top, which is just a spectacular road and climb.  We did the long descent in Greve, and had a nice lunch on Brenda.  Thanks, Brenda.

At lunch, I mentioned some of the options for our return, and Brenda picked the most direct route.  We rode quickly as she has good skills at a pace line, and she even led part of the time.  I did have us turn off at Galluzzo to pick up the road to Cascine del Riccio and Cinque Vie, before getting back into town at Piazza Ferruci.  We rode in next to the Arno, crossed and rode past the Ufficci, then returned the bike to the garage.  We walked back to the hotel, and I gave them some quick advice on riding around Greve and Siena, where they are headed to next.  Thanks for the business, it was wonderful riding with you Brenda.  Sorry you were not feeling well, Mike.  It did appear that Mike was better upon our return and was interested in the routes for the next few days.  Ciao.

Brenda - San Donato, Incisa, Greve, Tavernuzze, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Brenda on the climb to San Donato in Collina.

Another shot of Brenda climbing to San Donato.

Outside the Bar in Pallazzolo where we had pastries and cafe.

Brenda in front of some vineyards on the climb to Passo de Sugame.

Brenda in front of the gates to what I believe is Sting's place,
on the climb to Passo de Sugame.

Some vineyards with the leaves turning almost at the top of the Passo.

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