Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quick ride to Pratolino, Alberaccio, return via Caldine

With a visitor and Shannon having just gotten married, Emily and I are on babysitting duty again today.  Emily took the first shift and I took Alice to the tourism office where she could buy a "Florence Card" which gives her unlimited access to museums and busses for 72 hours.  After taking care of the purchase, I left Alice to tour San Marco, and told Emily she could meet Alice at 1:15, which left me an hour and one half for a ride.  I thought I would ride to Monte Morello, but then on the way up, I realized it was more of a two hour ride, and my timing needed to allow for a shower, etc.  So, I kept on past the turn for Monte Morello on Via Bolognese, and turned at Pratolino to go toward Bivigliano, then turned toward Alberaccio, then descended down Via Faentina basically back to the apartment.  I used the ride for some interval training, as I needed to be quick with the ride anyway.  Maybe I am ready to do some training again, as I had fun doing this.  Many years ago, I did a fair amount of interval training and basically swore off it thinking I would be doing activities for fun only.  Perhaps I can have fun and train a little harder in the future.  Anyway, no pictures today, but details of the ride can be accessed at the following link.

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