Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ragazzi Giro - Chiesa Nuova, Cerbia, Ginestra, Roveta, Firenze

After a couple of days with Mindy and one with Nancy, the ladies decided that today would be a day in the  city.  Emily guided them around the city and hopefully everyone had a great time.  I was out with the guys, and needed to design a tour that would return us around 2, as we needed to return bikes, do business, etc.  We took off and went the same route to Galluzzo as Art and Mindy did on Sunday, with a small wrinkle around Poggio Imperiale, which everyone enjoyed.  From Galluzzo, we climbed the switchbacks to above Scandicci, then rode across / up the ridge to Chiesa Nuova, then descending into Cerbia for our first break. At Cerbia, I explained that we had two options and the guys decided to wait until we were at the decision point to determine if we add an additional hour to the day.  We re-filled our water bottles, and enjoyed the action in the Piazza as many children were running around playing, along with their associated Nonnas / Nonnos / Parents.  It was a great scene.  We got ready to leave and Billy had a flat.  We (mostly Billy) repaired the flat, then we were off.

We rode down across the Pesa river, then climbed almost to Montagnana where we decided on the shorter tour.  We turned right at that point, and rode along a ridge then descended back into the Pesa valley, crossing the river again into San Vincenzo a Torri.  We started looking for a lunch break, but continued through to Ginestra Fiorentina, where we found a good cafe and had lunch.  After lunch, we took the right to climb to the turn for Marliano, then climbed over to Marliano, descended toward the highway, crossed, then descended to Vigliano.  We  took the right there and climbed through Roveta, Santa Maria a Marciano, to the main road back to Scandicci.  We did the screaming downhill to Scandicci, then rode through town to Firenze, following the route into the city via Porta San Frediano, back to the residenza.

Art was interested in a beer, and I suggested we walk the bikes to Piazza Signoria and have beers / cocktails at Rivoire, then take the bikes back to the shop.  Success - great beers / cocktails, snacks, and the wonderful scene in the Piazza from one of the best spots in Florence.  We then walked the bikes back to the shop and returned them.  A great three days of riding with various parts of the group.  I admit I am a beginner at the cycling guiding business, but everyone did well, and I think all were happy.  Success for everyone.  What more can you ask for.  Grazie mille to Art, Mindy, Billy, and Nancy for "riding with Cosimo".  Ciao.

Ragazzi Giro - Chiesa Nuova, Cerbia, Ginestra, Roveta, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

Art on the way to Chiesa Nuova.

Billy on the way to Chiesa Nuova.

Billy and Art in the Piazza at Cerbia.

Hero shot of the climb to Montagnana.

Art's hero shot of the climb to Montagnana.

Billy and Art at a beautiful gate on the way to Marliano.

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