Sunday, September 16, 2012

Short ride to Vincigliata, Alberaccio, Pratolino, Firenze

After a late night last night, we had a very nice dinner at Kate and Nicco's with Shannon and her parents, I had a slow start this morning.  I had my weekly "big American breakfast" and enjoyed the eggs, etc.  My legs were a little tired from my effort yesterday.  I really enjoy the rides with the "team", but it does work me pretty hard, which I truly believe is good for me.  Well, I made it out around the crack of noon, and took the back road up to San Domenico, then climbed the road toward Fiesole, turning off to Maiano.  This is a very fun descent, and I enjoyed.  About 2/3 of the way down, I adjusted the tilt of my handlebars.  A couple of days ago, they came a little loose, and I did not remember the perfect location when I tightened them back up.  After the adjustment, I continued the descent, then got ready for the hardest climb of the day from Settignano up past Vincigliata to join the road toward Fiesole.  I selected this ride because I love the climb and the scenery here.  It did not dissapoint.

I rode back over toward Fiesole, but turned up to ride the gently climbing, mostly contouring road to the Alberaccio area.  From there, I climbed over toward Bivigliano, then turned down for the descent through Pratolino, then back home in Firenze.  I did another adjustment on the bar angle, and it is finally just right.  For me, I always descend in the drops, and have my index fingers on the brake lever, but not applying any pressure on the brakes.  This determines the comfort level in my wrists and sets where I want the bars to be.  Anyway, all adjusted, and another great ride on a perfect weather day here in Firenze.  The link below gives all the ride details.

Short ride to Vincigliata, Alberaccio, Pratolino, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The view across the valley on the climb to Vincigliata on this beautiful day.

The church and bell tower toward the start of the climb.

A shot while riding of the gently climbing road toward the Alberaccio area.

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