Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pozzolatico, explore, San Andrea, Chiesa Nuova, return via Scandicci

This morning, I had a doctor appointment to get a specific certificate that allows me to join a cycling team / club.  After getting the certificate, I filled out the appropriate paperwork and went to the shop that sponsors the club, and signed up.  Now, this American has one full "kit" with shorts (bibs), shirt, and socks that match.  I took the kit for a test drive on my ride today.  I rode out to Galluzzo via Viale Michaelangelo, then up to Poggio Imperiale, descending to Galluzzo.  There, I hooked up with via Pozzolatico vecchio, and climbed it to a road off to the right, which I had researched before riding.  The road brought me back to the basic route toward Impruneta, although I was confused as I thought it would do something different.  Now that I am back and can check the map due to my Garmin 500, it makes perfect sense.  Anyway, I rode toward Impruneta, then cut off to Baruffi, then descended down to the main road at Tavernuzze.

From Tavernuzze, I rode toward Ferrone, turning off at the road to San Andrea, then climbing to Spedelatto.  I may have mentioned this in the past, but San Andrea is where Machiavelli was exiled to when expelled from Florence.  Playing with my new cycling computer, some of the pitches were steeper than I thought, hitting around 12%.  From there, I rode to Chiesa Nuova, but decided on an additional loop through La Romola, which added about a half hour to the ride.  I may need some of these additions for my group next week, so I was checking on the timing.  I rode back into town via Scandicci, taking the super small, exciting, fun descent on a road at the summit of the main road back to Firenze.  From Scandicci, I returned into town the same way as yesterday, making a detour at the shop to see if I could sign up to do some guiding for them until I get more business coming my way.  I am set to go with a group tomorrow to see what they do, then should be set up to take groups out on my own.  Easy.  Hopefully this can work out, as I am much happier when busy and it would be great to earn some more money.  The ride details can be viewed with the following link:

Pozzolatico, explore, San Andrea, Chiesa Nuova, return by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details


The new road (for me) above Pozzolatico.

Beautiful, small vineyard on the road to San Andrea.

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