Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quicky to Cercina by ridingwithcosimo

After 4 great days with excellent clients (one day meeting, helping with bikes, getting settled, etc.) I found time today in the middle of the day for one of my favorite quick rides.  You climb up Via Bolognese, and turn off before the climb really gets difficult.  The maximum grade on this part is around 7 to 8% and is not long.  You turn off in Pian de Bartolo and follow a great, small, curvy road down then up, then down to Cercina.  Here you start a final short climb, then descend back to Firenze.  The last couple of times I have ridden this, I have found a road that cuts part of the bottom of the descent off, adds a short but beautiful climb, and drops you in right above the Carriege complex.  Then, back through the city.  Fun ride.  No pictures today - sorry.

Whoops - I forgot that I did take some pictures while riding.  I am working on taking the pictures while on the bike and the results are mixed, but getting better.

Quicky to Cercina by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

It is interesting what makes us happy.  This section of 
new floor on the way to Cercina had me smiling.

Climbing out of Cercina.

The view to the left along the climb - not bad for a photo taken while riding.

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