Thursday, December 4, 2014

A nun with a weed eater?

Nice ride today.  My timing was a little off, as if I had returned 15 minutes earlier, I would have been dry.  As it was, I had the opportunity to ride through a little downpour on the way home.  Actually, a good time to ride through a downpour if you have to, as dry, warm home awaits.  I did a ride I often do today, not too long, but not that short either.  A fair amount of vertical for the distance as well.  I rode up the main road from Bagno a Ripoli today rather than via Carota, which was kind of nice as a change.  I do like the Carota road much better though.  64.8 kilometers (39.8 miles) in 3:01 for an average speed of 21.2 kph (13.2 mph) with 1117 meters (3665 feet) climbed.  18,804 kilometers in for the year, leaving 1196 remaining for my goal.

The interesting thing I saw today was on the road climbing to Monteloro.  As  you climb, you pass a working convent and monastery, and today it appeared to be maintenance time.  So, as I was climbing, I saw a nun (novice?) with a weed eater and face shield / head protection.  Just past the monastery buildings, I saw three monks with ladders climbing up and down to do roof maintenance on some of the housing a few hundred meters from the monastery.  I thought in particular, you don't see a nun in full garb with a weed eater too often.  I did not think it would be right to stop for a photo, so you will have to take my word for it.  Ciao.

I love this tiny road between Cellai and Bombone.

Winter vineyards and clouds on the hillside in the distance.

Loved the clouds on the hillside opposite where I was riding.
The mountain shows through the clouds and if you really look
you could probably find Regello.

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