Friday, December 26, 2014

My version of Giro de Mugello on a beautiful day.

Back in the saddle today, although I did a short ride on Christmas eve and did not post on the blog.  I just needed to ride a little and make room for the huge Christmas Eve feast we enjoyed at Nicco's sister's house.  The weather, as you can see from the pictures, was very nice today.  It is turning colder, though, which is to be expected, as it is late December.  Tomorrow it is forecast to become much more normal for here, with a high around 45.  It is also predicted to rain starting around 1 or 2, so I will get out with the team in the morning.  Today, I rode up to Fiesole, taking an old route to San Domenico, which has new pavement, a nice surprise.  I went to Fiesole on the main road, then up to Olmo and over to Bivigliano, so I could enjoy the descent to Vaglia.  It is really sweet, pretty steep, with seemingly innumerable switchbacks.  Super fun on a dry road.

From Vaglia, on the main road to San Piero a Pieve, then to the cut off for Sant Agata.  I really like the ride here, and it is one of the reasons I do this ride.  I had a nice stop in Sant Agata, and it was good to see the cafe open.  After a machiato, back on the bike, over to Galliano, then to another main road, before turning off to ride another favorite through Bosco ai Frati to San Piero a Sieve.  From there, main road to get to the climb to croce alle Vetta, then the very nice descent to Firenze through Caldine and Pian de Mugnone.  Excellent ride - 85.2 km in 3:47 for an average speed of 22.5 kph with 1343 meters climbed.  Ciao.

Nice not to be thinking about the 20,000 anymore.

The town of Sant Agata, where I stop for a cafe, and usually a 
pastry, but today, cafe machiato only.

There are hills, some of them pretty big all around the valley
that Sant Agata is in.  This view is back toward where I will
climb eventually back to Florence.

A view on the way from Sant Agata to Galliano.  So green
and beautiful.

A view of one of may favorite roads between Bosco ai Frati
and San Piero a Sieve.  Che bella!

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