Monday, December 1, 2014

Nice recovery loop around Firenze

The weather forecasts were not too good today.  It said 90 to 100% chance of rain by 2:00, so I decided to do some outside errands earlier in the day.  Kate was going to the Coop anyway, so I accompanied her and Torrio in the car, which allowed me to get some of the heavy things I often avoid when on the townie bike.  When I returned, it was really warm out, so I suited up and got out there.  I did a nice loop of around 35 k around Florence.  I had scouted most of the route for some folks in early October who asked for relatively flat and kind of easy.  When we got out, they wanted to extend things, so I never took anyone on this tour.  It was a great recovery ride for me, and I only wore a long sleeved jersey, which is the least I have worn out in a while.  Nice.

I related to Kate my discovery from yesterday about the word Vetta meaning top.  She said it was more like the summit, and the top of a smaller pass would be said as "in cima", which is yet another term for being on top, but on something smaller than a mountain.  So, when on top of a hill, I would say "in cima a poggio", rather than vetta il poggio.  Just in case anyone wanted to know.  I am trying to learn this language, which is quite difficult for me.  Today I rode 22.1 miles (35.5 k) in 1:26 for an average speed of 15.4 mph (24.6 kph) with 640 vertical feet (195 meters) climbed.  Only 1428 kilometers to go for 20k.  Ciao.

I started around the Cascine.  I think the pictures are a little clearer today.

A very nice little road on the way to Nave a Rozzano.

A couple of pictures of the Arno and the site of an old mill.

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