Saturday, December 27, 2014

Cold team of one ride, but fun, and always good to be out.

Up for the team ride this morning, and the predicted weather had arrived.  It was quite cold, for here, around -2 C (28 F) at 7:30, but hard rain was predicted for later, and tomorrow did not look better.  So, I was at the meeting spot at 9:25, for a 9:30 departure.  No one else was there, which was not really a surprise, as it is a little cold for riding at that temperature.  I waited until 9:35 and took off on the suggested tour, which sounded fun to me anyway.  Also, if the predicted rain came earlier in the day, the tour allowed for a pretty fast return to Florence from anywhere on the route.  Our team has a Facebook page, and of course, other than me, it is pretty much all in Italian.  I had noticed that it sounded like some of the people who might normally have showed up were opting for a shorter and later tour, which checking later, happened.  I was happy doing the tour I did, when I did.

Out on the south side of the Arno almost to Rosano, then over the bridge to Pontasieve, then down the road to the Monteloro turn off.  Up the sweet climb to Monteloro, and the occasional clunks and misses that have been happening with my new chain on the process of settling into to the corsets, came back for the first time today, and they are definitely getting less frequent, which is what I want.  I may need a new cassette and chain ring, but we shall see.  While climbing, it was definitely not too cold, and after I joined the road to Olmo, I continued up and over toward Bivigliano, turning off to descend to Pratolino.  A planned stop there for a cafe, where the proprietors were both saying it was too cold to ride.  Other patrons joined in the chorus, in a typical Italian way, but I did not understand everything, and simply enjoyed the cafe and warmed up a little.  From Pratolino I climbed to Monte Morello, then descended to Sesto Fiorentino.  This is when I really did get a little cold, but really only one finger, as I had my heavy riding gloves on.

Overall, I really enjoyed the ride, 64.7 km in 2:59 for an average speed of 21.6 kph with 959 meters climbed.  The weather has really gotten worse, as predicted, so tomorrow would not be a good day to ride, so I am feeling pretty good about my decision to go this morning.  Ciao a tutti.

One the way to Monteloro, the light was showing the multiple ridges in the distance, so I stopped
for a picture.  I am very happy with the result.  It doesn't hurt that this is such a beautiful spot.

Almost at the top of the hill above Monteloro.

Not cycling related, but Emily and I were at the movies last night, 
and I saw this poster for one of my favorite all time movies,
The Big Lebowski.  It will be in Italian, as the poster shows,
but I will try it anyway.  Monday night! Dude!

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