Friday, December 19, 2014

Nice recovery ride, and getting closer to my goal all the time.

I was pretty tired after yesterday's ride, and within 5 minutes of finishing my blog post after the ride, Emily and the grandchildren were here, which is quite nice, but not relaxing.  After a couple hours of play, then a bus adventure to the neighborhood where Kate's apartment is, we met Kate for pizza at a place in piazza Santa Spirito.  There is an amazing installation there right now, and drawings, designs, and digital pieces are being screened on the facade of the Church.  Each one has probably around 30 seconds, then changes.  It is really cool and fun to watch.  I met a client early this morning to settle up for the year, then was back home for my regular breakfast before going out for a 50 kilometer recovery ride.  I managed to do a different route again today, which was fun.  I really like the climb from Sieci to the Molino de Vento (windmill), but don't really ride it that often.  I included it in the ride today, along with the Pope's road for a very nice 2 hour plus tour.

Today's ride was 50.2 kilometers in 2:21 for an average speed of 21.3 kph with 521 meters climbed, which leaves 204 kilometers left for my goal of 20,000 kilometers this year.  I am thinking either Monday or Tuesday I reach the goal.  I have been thinking of a goal for next year, and it is not realistic to assume I will ride more kilometers, but I am considering 1,000,000 vertical feet of climbing as a goal.  This would be 304,000 meters and this year I have 276,000 and will probably make 280,000 for the year easily.  So, a different but doable goal.  First, I need to finish this year's goal, but it appears to be close to a done deal, even if the weather does not cooperate.  Emily gave me a small bottle of champagne to take with me on the ride that I hit 20,000, and it will be fun to enjoy that.  I did tell her of a dream I had after some teammates posted on Facebook that they wanted to be able to ride with me on the ride I hit the goal, that had me with a glass of champagne along with my teammates toasting the accomplishment.  A little bit like the Tour de France victory celebration, and perhaps as close as I will ever get to something like that.  Anyway, Emily picked up on the dream and got the bottle of champagne that will fit in my pocket and it will be nice to toast the event.  Ciao.

Sometimes it is hard to believe it is December 19.  To me, the 
field seems to be "spring" green.  Beautiful at times today.

I love this little road climbing from Sieci to the windmill above.

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