Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday with the team - nice ride, and at the end, nice weather.

Nice ride with the team this morning.  We were at Andrea Volpi's mercy, as he was choosing the route.  He loves steep climbs, and we climbed out of Scandicci to above Chiesa Nuova on a road that I have descended many times, but never climbed.  Everyone was ok with the climb, but there certainly was some grumbling, as it was at 18% for around 300 meters.  Volpi enjoyed it, and even though it was only his 4th ride after returning from hernia surgery, he was strong.  He did not want to go long, though, so after San Casciano, we descended to Cerbia and had a great cafe and pastry at a place I had never stopped before, although I have ridden through the town maybe 150 times.  I will stop there in the future.  We rode to Montelupo, and 4 of 6 returned to Florence, as Volpi is trying not to ride too long, and the others simply had stuff to do.  Nicola and I then rode up to Pinone through Castra, and returned through Carmignano to Seano then on the flats to the Cascine and Firenze.  Great ride and I enjoyed Nicola's company on the extension.  Got to get in my kilometers to make my goal. Only 1,026 km left for my 20,000 km goal.  Ciao.

4 of the 6 on the team ride this morning, hamming it up outside the cafe
in Cerbia where we stopped for a great pastry and cafe.

Just so nice sitting on the porch, I took a couple of pictures.
This is to the southeast toward San Donato in Collina.

It turned really nice after my return, and I sat on our terrace and 
had some lunch and enjoyed the view.  This is looking back toward 
Pinone the high point of today's tour.

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