Friday, December 5, 2014

Pinone, etc. in light rain. One of these days the sun will return, I hope!

I looked out at the weather and thought, man would I like to see some sun.  My solution was to find my old sunglasses and put the yellow lenses in them.  Made me think of the old TV show, "Northern Exposure" and the episode when they wore light devices on their heads in the winter.  It worked fine for me today, with the exception of looking at the clouds and thinking, they aren't that dark, it should be fine.  When you take the glasses off, the sky was quite dark, and for 3 of the 4 hours I was riding, light rain / sprinkles were part of the deal.  The rain was never hard, and basically, I stayed comfortable and since I was suited up, I just continued riding.  I did take the shorter option in Montelupo, but extended the ride a little using a round about method to return to Florence.  I am getting tired of my goal, but am not going to give up on it.  After today, only 1,107 km to go for 20,000 for the year.  Today's ride 88.2 k (54.5 miles) in 3:51 for an average speed of 22.8 (14.2 mph) with 846 meters (2776 feet) climbed.  Even with my slightly bad attitude today it was still good to get out and ride.

A panorama of three pictures between Chiesa Nuova and the
descent to Galluzzo.  One of the rare instances today when 
the light rain / sprinkles stopped.  Nice villas on the hills
with the Arno valley and Florence in the background.

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