Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New roads, flat tires, but a good ride.

After meeting with a commercialista this morning, which is part of our decision about becoming even more official here and dealing with taxes, including a "wealth tax" on your assets, I went for groceries, and the store was totally packed.  I was able to get away around 12:30, and Emily picked up the kids at school solo, so I only had to be back by dark, and needed to be at Kate's to play with Torrio by 5:30.  I wanted to do a relatively long ride, but the timing just did not work out, not to mention the amount of time I spent with a tire developing a slow leak before I finally changed it on the 4th stop for more air.  Anyway, I have ridden by the entrances for the road through Bacheretto both at the top and bottom many times, and today I decided to try the road.  What a pleasure the road was, in particular to Bacheretto from Seano.  Great surface, little traffic and quite beautiful.  Above the picturesque town, it got a little rough, and my tire problems started.

I rode down from the top of the road to Carmignano, then down to Serra, where I took a road I have ridden before, but probably not for 6 years.  Another excellent road, although it also has some parts that are quite steep uphill.  Still nice.  I thought I had the tire problems fixed, but by the time I was down in Lastra a Signa, I stopped again to refill the tube.  I had  a nice spot for the repair, and actually thought about changing the tube, but it seemed to be holding fine, again.  Well, it needed more air in around 8 kilometers and I finally changed the tube.  I now know I should have done it the first time.  Live and learn.  I did skip a planned extension due to the tire so only ended up with around 70k.  Still, a nice ride and as always, good to get out.  Today's ride was 67.2 k (41.4 miles) in 2:59 rolling time for an average speed of 22.1 kph (13.8 mph) with 664 meters (2178 feet) climbed.  19,114 kilometers for the year leaving 886 to reach my goal.  Hang in there, Mark.

A few pictures in Bacheretto, a new town for me, and a new road
through the town.  Beautiful road that got a little rough after the town.
Somewhere after the town, I got a very slow leak in my front tire as 
well, which required 4 stops to refill, with the last stop for a tube
change, which I should have done the first stop.  Oh well, live and 
learn.  The road after Bacheretto also became steep - 20 to 25% in 
places, but they were short steeps.  I will try it again and hopefully
not have tire problems.  

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