Sunday, December 21, 2014

Domenica con squadra - perfect weather.

A nice team ride this morning and when we were not in fog, it was totally beautiful.  We had fog for probably around 1 hour or more of the 3 hour plus ride, which was interesting.  It hung in the valleys, which is to be expected, but was also present at the top of the pass we climbed today, passo de sugame.  We had a nice group of 6 for most of the time, although we split into two on the return around Strada, where 3 of us went through San Polo to Grassina, and the others took the more direct route through Strada.  Fun day and we had a new person with us, Allesandro, who is only 17.  Wow, does that bring back memories.  On the descent from La Panca, Fillipo told me about a castle a friend owns where they had high school parties when he was that age, around 30 years ago.  Great ride and day, all.  I think tomorrow I will officially make my goal of 20,000 kilometers as after today I only need 38 kilometers to finish.  It is feeling good now.  A small bottle of champagne is in the fridge for me to take along to celebrate.  I posted the time and place where I will start so teammates can join in if it works.  It is a Monday before the holiday season, though, and I am the only retired one in the group, so I am not expecting anything.  We shall see, but either way, I believe it will be done tomorrow.  Ciao a tutti.

Fillipo and Francesca at the bar / cafe in Greve.  Fillipo has only been
with the team for around 6 months, and his transformation has been 
amazing.  He was slow, but determined when he started.  Since then,
he has stayed determined, but become strong and fast.  Also, he 
has lost a pretty amazing 20 kilos or 44 pounds.  Wow.

This is outside the bar, and you can see some of the many cyclists 
that were there this morning.  Beautiful morning and fun scene.

We had a nice dinner at some friends house, and after dinner when the
after dinner drinks were brought, Karen, our hostess, talked about a drinking
game she used to play with co-workers when someone received a promotion.
It is called statue of Liberty, and involves Sambuca and fire.  Emily was an
amazing sport and not only gave it a try, but did it.  Awesome.

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