Saturday, January 24, 2015

A couple of rides when time allowed - Ben is visiting!

Ben, our son, arrived Wednesday night, so my posts will be pretty erratic for a couple of weeks.  It is great to have him here, but with lots of activities, the riding will be quite occasional.  I will continue to ride when I can, as it simply makes me happy.  I got out late Thursday after a day of activities with Ben and before dinner.  I did a ride above the house and was hoping to find a trailhead for hiking on the #25 bus line, but it is a few kilometers away from the closest stop, so we will try Santa Brigida next week.  I rode up Via Bolognese then up toward Monte Morello, then back to Pratolino, then returned through the road toward Cercina, but I took the first descent option that is before Cercina.  Really nice to get out, even in clouds and cool weather.  27.3 km in 1:25 for an average of 19.3 kph with 588 meters of climbing.

This morning, Saturday, I decided to ride on my own and not get up for the team ride.  We were out relatively late last night, so I did not want to push it.  I got started a little after 10:30 and had a good route in mind, which I ended up doing.  It involved a number of other routes I often ride, but had never connected them as I did today.  It was around 20 km longer than I thought it would be and had around 400 more kilometers of climbing than anticipated, so I was late getting home.  Oh well.  I really enjoyed the ride and it was simply a perfect day.  One small pass, two bigger passes, and a really wonderful, scenic ride in Chianti.  Add in great dolce (sweet pastries) and excellent cafe machiato in Dudda, and you have a close to perfect day.  I loved it.  101.1 km in 4:26 for an average of 22.8 kph with 1596 meters of climbing.

Looking back to the Northeast from close to the top of the biggest climb between 
Capanuccia and San Polo.  Beautiful sky.

A little of the climb to San Polo remains.  What a beautiful road on a perfect day.

Looking back at the climb between Quarate and San Polo.

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