Thursday, January 8, 2015

Montesenario with Nicola, Adam, and Filippo

Life is getting busy these days, as no ride yesterday shows.  We had a leaky radiator, which is now replaced, but currently have to coordinate a little touch up painting.  We are having a party on Sunday to celebrate my 20,000 k last year, and really to invite many people over we have not yet.  It appears now we will have around 50 or more people, which in our small, 1000 sf apartment, will be interesting.  Anyway, lots of prep, which is keeping both Emily and I busy.  I rented one of my bikes to Adam, Nicola's boyfriend from Revelstoke, for 10 days, which is a nice bonus of a little income when none was expected.  When Adam picked up the bike, we set up a ride today, and I met him, Nicola, and Filippo at the shop.  We did a very nice ride out and around the stadium, then back to the start of Via Faentina, then climbed pretty directly to Montesenario.

At the start of the climb, I expected to drop the group, but no, at least one shadow stayed with me, which I thought was Filippo.  I stayed with the pace, pushing it pretty good, then Adam passed me and we had really dropped both Nicola and Filippo.  I ended up passing Adam again soon, and then thought with the current effort, I might as well see if I had a personal record in me today.  As it turns out, 4 seconds slower than my personal record, so close, but no cigar.  Adam totally dropped me on the climb to Montesenario from the top of Via Faentina where we all got back together.  It was quite warm in Florence when we started, and I had on short finger gloves.  At the top, it was really quite chilly, so the long gloves and a bandanna came out, but the descent was still kind of cold.  Filippo went directly back, as he needed to get home, but Adam and Nicola went with me and we went through Bivigliano, Viliano, and Caselina to Pratolino, where we stopped to warm up and have a cafe.  After the cafe, we descended directly down Via Bolognese to the apartment, where I bid them farewell.  Great ride today all.  48.2 kilometers in 2:21 for an average speed of 20.4 kph with 991 meters climbed.

My compatriots for today's ride at our objective, Montesenario.  What a beautiful spot.

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