Friday, January 2, 2015

A new favorite spot - Bacherretto.

Warmer temperatures today, and it was really nice to get out.  I think the high hit around 50, which is at least 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and 16 degrees warmer than the day before.  Anyway, it felt good.  I rode out through Poggio a Caiano to Seano, and did a second tour up through Bacherretto to the road above Carmignano.  Nice again, probably better than the last time I tried it, as I knew the road a little bit.  I even stopped in Bacherretto today at the little bar in the town square for a perfectly respectable machiato and pastry.  Nice that you can get this is basically every little town here.  I rode back through Carmignano and Signa, and took the back way I usually ride out into Florence for the first time today.  It is nice this way.  63.3 kilometers in 2:36 for an average of 24.3 kph with 473 meters of climbing.  A dopo.

I stopped at the top of the little climb in Poggio a Caiano
to check out and take a picture of the spectacular Medici villa there.

Looking up at Montalbano from the little town square in a new 
favorite spot, Bacherretto.

A side street in Bacherretto, next to the Bar where 
I had my cafe and pastry.  

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