Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quick Chianti tour on another perfect January day!

Today was / is a day of errands, personal commitments, shopping, etc.  I did find a couple of hours to get on the bike and enjoyed another great tour in Chianti.  Usually when I only have a couple of hours, I stay to the north, but decided to mix it up today, and went south.  I rode through Ponte a Ema, then up past Vacciano to San Gersole, then to Impruneta for an excellent pastry and cafe machiato.  A little more climbing, then I did the bypass around Strada, and started the descent / climb to San Polo.  I decided to take the cut off road to Capanuccia, and had not ridden this road in probably a year.  It is a nice road, and a good decision for today, as I have to pick up grandchildren momentarily.  From Capanuccia, back through Grassina and home.  Excellent, short tour.  44.3 km in 1:55 for an average of 23.1 kph with 559 meters climbed.  Sweet!!!!!!

I liked the view of the mountains beyond through the gates here
at the top of the short, but steep climb on this little road that
I rarely use.  It is a shortcut of sorts from below Strada to Cappanuccia.
A pretty road, reasonable surface, almost no traffic, so I should 
probably ride it more.  I do really like the road from San Polo to 
Capanuccia, though, and will continue to use it more.

Just a peaceful Chianti country scene.  Che bella!

Looking back toward La Panca and over toward the other road 
that I normally take from San Polo to Grassina.

A view through the olive groves from the same spot.

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