Monday, January 5, 2015

Quick recovery ride in the afternoon on a beautiful, busy day.

Super busy morning and early afternoon, but time presented itself for a quick ride, so I was off.  Beautiful day today, although a little cool, probably relatively normal temperatures, with a high around 50 F.  I did a super mellow pace on a close in ride that I love.  Many of my rides close to home have a fair amount of climbing, so when I need to do an easy day, I am learning that I can simply dial back the effort by going to easier gears quickly when the climbing starts.  So, after a couple of fairly strenuous, fast days, it was nice to have a short ride and take it easy.  Just up Via Faentina to Olmo, then down toward Fiesole, turning off to descend through Vincigliata.  Sweeeeeet! 33.0 km in 1:32 for an average speed of 21.5 kph with 537 meters climbed.  Ciao.

A beautiful afternoon for a quick ride.  Here are a couple of views
just after starting the descent from the junction of the roads above Olmo.

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