Monday, January 19, 2015

Just another great day of riding in Tuscany. Feeling lucky to be here and doing this.

Nice tour today with Randy.  I did not think he had been on most of the ride I tentatively planned, and was correct.  We left riding to Sieci, and the temperatures were quite cool, and since it is a relatively flat road, we rode pretty fast, so it was a bit cold.  Randy did not have as much clothing on as me, but he hung in there.  We climbed from Sieci, and then the temps were just right.  We climbed to the windmill, then rode down to Rufina for an excellent cafe and a really wonderful pastry.  One of the perks of riding here, and riding a lot in general is the amount of great food you can consume guilt free.

After Rufina we did one of my favorite climbs to Diacetto, which Randy loved as well.  My legs were a little tired from yesterday, so when I started to drop Randy, I backed off a gear or two, and my legs then felt pretty good.  Perhaps I should learn something from this about recovery after a big ride.  From Diacetto down to Pelago, then back to the main road and down to Pontasieve.  Back into town on the south side of the Arno, and we took the cut off through Nave a Rovezanno, which surprisingly to me, Randy had ridden.  He said it was one of the ways he had found to leave town.  It took me until less than a year ago to find this road, and then it was with a friend from the team who showed it to me.  Interesting what different people find and when in terms of roads here.  Anyway, fun, nice ride in sunny skies with cool temperatures.  67.9 km in 3:15 for an average of 20.9 kph with 1005 meters climbed.

In Diacetto today, looking South, the light was just right to show the multiple ridges with the
fog in the Arno river valley around Figline.  

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