Saturday, January 17, 2015

Giro de Mugello with Adam and Nicola

Nicola, who is here for 8 months, and has been riding with the team, and Adam, her boyfriend who has been visiting for 5 weeks, and I did a nice tour in the Mugello yesterday.  They are both strong riders, and after a small group ride to Montesenario last week, I offered to do a long tour with them.  I was hoping for some of the big passes, but the weather was not cooperating, so we went to plan B.  Plan B was good though, and we all had a great ride.  We did my "Giro de Mugello" using a circuitous route with many of my favorite roads and climbs.  I sometimes take my stronger clients on this ride.  We started by taking a back way to San Domenico, then up to the turn for Maiano, then down to the climb to Vincigliata.  They both really enjoyed this climb, which I also really like.  Everything we did today is certainly not even close to the most direct route, but lots of fun roads.

We rode over to Bivigliano, then enjoyed the super fun, twisty road down to Vaglia.  It had started to sprinkle, so caution was really in order and we enjoyed the descent even at a reduced speed.  From Vaglia, we rode to Scarperia, in probably the hardest rain of the day, which was really only light rain, to the turn for Sant Agata.  A stop of cafe and pastries at my spot there elicited a comment from Nicola, "Now this is the real riding in Italy", which made me feel good.  It is a wonderful up and down cruise over to the main road just past Galliano, then down the main road to the Bosco Ai Frati road, which they both really liked.  Again, this made me happy, as it is one of my favorites, and for much of it, I think, a very special spot.  Back on the main roads, then the climb to Vetta le Croce, then the descent down Via Faentina back to my apartment.  Adam had rented one of my bikes for 10 days, so we settled up, had a couple of beers - Nicola says, "electrolyte replenishment", then I said goodbye to Adam.  I have done around 6 rides with him during his visit, and it has been fun.  Ciao, Adam.

Adam and Nicola on the way to Bivigliano.

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