Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big day, lots of climbing, 34% max - hard to believe

I planned a pretty big day today, and followed through.  Only 55.5 miles, but with 7315 feet of vertical, I call that a big day.  I have been tackling some of the climbs lately that I have in my mind as the hardest, and today I did one that I had not done in many years, but remembered it as super steep in places.  Well, I don't know if I can believe the computer reading, but it hit 34% at the steepest point, which definitely had me weaving and putting maximum effort into staying on the bike.  The first time I did this particular climb, it was the only one that had me off the bike pushing.  Since then I have ridden it a couple of times with Don and Kay, and I have compact gearing now, so I can make it but it still kicks me around.

I started up the back way to San Domenico, the continued up through Fiesole to the pass called Vetta la Croce, a good climb, but not steep and a relatively relaxed effort.  I descended toward Borgo San Lorenzo, turning off for Scarperia before reaching town.  I rode through Scarperia, picking up a water refill at the town park.  I rode up and down and up and down through San Agata to the turn off for Marcoiano, which has the climb I had in mind for the day.  The road is beautiful, and it is around 9 kilometers long with around 1 kilometer quite steep, averaging around 15%, then one little stretch where it hit 34%.  Wow!  After the steepest part, you have a little more climbing, then catch the road where I turned right to Panna.  I had not ridden this part before, and it was nice.  You actually descend to Panna, where there is a big bottling plant for water that is sold all over Italy under the Panna name.  From Panna, you climb to the road to Passo della Futa, where I had previously climbed with the team.  The junction is only a few hundred feet below the pass, and I did not do the out and back to get to the absolute top there.  I descended down a long ways, eventually crossing a beautiful bridge over a large reservoir, and was back on Via Bolognese.  I climbed through Vaglia, where I took a break to have a snack and re-coop some energy.  There is a pretty good climb from Vaglia to Pratolino, where you are almost finished climbing.  A great descent home.  Check out the details on the Garmin link.  Ciao!

Big day, lots of climbing, 34% max - hard to believe by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

A shot of the beautiful landscape between Scarperia and Sant Agata.

A pretty piece of road between Sant Agata and the turn off to Marcoiano.

Riding into Marcoiano - the steep part awaits.

The landscape above Marcoiano.

An interesting statue on the hill above Santa Lucia.

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