Sunday, October 7, 2012

Via Bolognese, Cercina, Canonicca, Montorsoli, Firenze

This morning, Emily and I met Kate and the kids and enjoyed a couple of hours at the Boboli Gardens.  It is a great place for kids, as the intricate and spread out gardens allow for many "places" where you can play, explore, and just have fun.  After we left them, Emily and I went to Piazza Santa Croce to enjoy the food fair there and had one of my favorites, Salccica Bianca con Crauti.  Super good and my second day in a row to enjoy this, although yesterday I tried a different vendor.  After returning home, I did a few miscellaneous things and suited up for a ride.

I had a ride in mind, which I tried.  One of my normal fast, close rides is the route up Via Bolognese to San Bartolo, then to Cercina, then down to Firenze.  Today, when I was almost back to Firenze, I climbed back up an alternate route back to between Cercina and San Bartolo.  It is a very scenic road, and I had descended it once before.  It starts pretty hard, around 10% without a break, then ramps up to 18% or so.  Finally, there is a little break, then the 12 to 18% returns for another stretch.  After this stretch, you are in good shape, with the remaining climbing maxing out around 8%, with most of it around 3 to 5%.  After connecting back to the Cercina road, I returned to Via Bolognese, and descended a route I almost always climb.  All in all, a very fun, quick ride with a little over 2000 vertical in around 18 miles in a little under 1 and 1/2 hours.  Fun.  Check out the details at the Garmin site.

Via Bolognese, Cercina, Canonicca, Montorsoli, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

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