Saturday, October 13, 2012

Exploration to find meeting place / Monte Morello

After a very late night, at least for me - 1:00 - last night, I decided that I would do the team ride tomorrow morning, which is a multi-team tour sponsored by another team.  I did some searching, and eventually found the location on google maps, printed out some instructions, then went to find the spot.  I have been wanting  a light vest, very packable, for a while now, and I stopped by the shop on the way and purchased one with the remainder of the money from my Mother for my birthday.  Yeah.  I found the meeting place, although I needed to consult the map a few times and do a small amount of re-tracing.  I am glad I found it today, as I probably would have missed the start tomorrow without checking it out ahead of time.  I timed myself on the way back, as I rode right by our apartment on my way to Monte Morello.  I will need around 1/2 hour tomorrow morning to make the start.

I rode up Via Bolognese, then turned off toward Monte Morello at Pratolino.  I continued up, although all the difficult climbing is behind you at Pratolino.  It is a very fun climb the rest of the way, then a very fast descent down to Sesto Fiorentino.  There is a spot where the descent gets quite steep, I would guess in excess of 20%, but I have the location down now and approach it slowly and with caution.  After that section, it stays steep, but not dangerously so, at around 10% and there are 6 really great 180 degree plus switch backs.  After dropping down into Sesto Fiorentino, you just hit the city roads, stay attentive, and crank it home.  Ciao.  As always, the link will have any information you would want about the ride.

Exploration to find meeting place / Monte Morello by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The road out of Pratolino toward Monte Morello.  OK, the climb isn't really over.

On the way out of Pratolino, there is a water supply, which I used, and noticed it has this 
great axial view down steps into town and the mountains around Fiesole in the background.

These delicate flowers were blooming in places along the final climbs to the top of Monte Morello.

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