Friday, October 19, 2012

New route Cercina to Monte Morello

I am planning on two relatively long rides this weekend, so I did a shorter ride today.  After trying the new descent route from the church above Cercina yesterday, I decided to try the road that goes up to the Monte Morello road today.  Success!  The road is beautiful and best done as an ascent, as the surface is a little rough in places.  I put the computer on the % function, and most of the road was a quite reasonable climb a little above or a little below 10%.  There is a stretch of the climb, around 1/4 in total right at the top of the climb, that hit 18 to 23% - steep for me.  I had to stand in my easiest gear, but did not have to weave on the road.  Felt a little like the Acone climb but much shorter, which make a real difference.  I am not sure how often I will use this new route, probably only when I want to do some steep climbing, as the other route is fine.

The descent from Monte Morello remains one of my favorites.  The top portion is not steep at all and you can really crank the curves without concern.  It then hits a very steep section which I have learned to take quite slowly.  After this section, there are a series of 6 beautiful switchbacks that definitely keep your attention.  Then you are in Sesto Fiorentina, and ride town roads back to the apartment.  Details can be found at the site below.  Ciao!

New route Cercina to Monte Morello by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The new route to the Monte Morello road from the Cercina road.

The new route just keeps getting smaller on the way - almost no traffic.

Looking back down the new route just completed from the junction with the Monte Morello road.

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