Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pozzolatico, Monte Oriolo, Tavernuzze, San Andrea, Mercatale, Luiano, etc.

How lucky I am.  Listening to "Good day, sunshine" by the Beatles, blogging about another great ride.  I have a new adventure awaiting this afternoon, as I will try to teach a 6 year old boy here the game of Chess.  Kate is part of a network of expat Moms here, and the request for someone to do this came through the network, so I will give it a try.  So, I got a relatively early start so I could return in a timely fashion.  I wanted to go South today into Chianti and ended up linking a number of favorite climbs.  I started on the Viale to Piazza Michaelangelo, then over to Poggio Imperiale.  From there I descended into Galluzzo, then navigated to the little used Via Pozzolattico Vecchio, which is a very fun, basically deserted climb.  It joins the main road in Pozzolattico, and then I climbed through Mezzomonte to just above Monte Oriolo.  I took the turn off here to descend through Baruffi to Tavernuzze.  Great climb and great descent.

From Tavernuzze, I climbed a small amount on the main road picking up a follower I passed who stayed on my tail until the turn off to San Andrea.  I said Ciao and we discussed the climb awaiting just in case I did not know what was coming.  Well,  I ride this road a lot, and it was again fun.  A good climb, quite scenic, takes you through San Andrea (Machievelli was exiled here in the 1600's?) to the road from Chiesa Nuova to Mercatale, going through Spedellato and San Casciano.  Just before Mercatale, I turn off to descend the Luiano road, which is normally a climb for me.  It takes you back to the road from Tavernuzze to Greve, where I turned toward Greve.  I only stayed on the main road for a few kilometers, then turned off at Ferrone to climb to Strada.  I really enjoy this climb which I can do in the big ring.  Around 1/3 the way up, I was passed, then stayed with the rider for a while eventually letting him go.  I wanted to enjoy the day and the ride, not push it.  Surprisingly, I caught him and passed him on the way to Strada in Chianti.  We both turned toward Grassina, and stayed together for a while, then I let him pass and go ahead.  I wanted to coast at times, and he was relentlessly pedalling.  I enjoyed the descent, then turned off for Cinque Vie and took the back way to Piazza Ferrucci, joining the Viale there, then returning home.  Around 38 miles with over 3000 vertical climbing in around 2 hours, 45 minutes.  Check the link for more information.

Pozzolatico, Monte Oriolo, Tavernuzze, San Andrea, Mercatale, Luiano, etc. by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The beautiful walled climb on the old road to Pozzollatico.

They sure look like spring flowers from bulbs to me, but they a blossoming 
in different locations this fall.  Makes me smile.

A villa and vineyard below with the leaves turning to fall splendor.

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