Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monteoriolo, Tavernuzze, Luiano, San Andrea, Firenze

I helped Kate with the two kids get to the airport this morning, as they are off for 5 days or so to see one of Kate's best friends Aimee in Biarritz, in France, close to the Spanish border.  I was not home from this excursion until 1 or so, and was able to get on the bike by 2:15.  I am planning a relatively big ride tomorrow, so I was thinking I would do something fairly short today.  It ended up longer than I thought, but I did stick with the route I had in mind.  I took the main route to Pozzolatico, the continued up hill to Monteoriolo, then turned off for the descent through Burrchio to Tavernuzze.  I am in the process of deciding that this may be one of my favorite downhills.  Fun, fast, curvy, what more could you ask?

I took the main road toward Greve from Tavernuzze, turning off for the climb through Luiano to the road by Mercatale, then over to San Casciano, then through Spedellato, turning off for the descent back to Tavernuzze through San Andrea.  I normally climb this road, and it is a spectacular descent.  From Tavernuzze, I took the main road back to Galluzzo, then turned off and climbed to Poggio Imperiale, then did the curvy road back to Porta Romana, then back through the city to the apartment.  Ended up being close to 3 hours, so much for the short ride.  Around 2750 vertical in 38 miles.  Check the link for more info.  Ciao.

Monteoriolo, Tavernuzze, Luiano, San Andrea, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

What a pretty road from Monteoriolo to Burrchio.

Climbing to Luiano.

A beautiful small vineyard just past Luiano.

The vines are changing colors with fall here.  This is just outside of Mercatale.

Almost back - the climb to Poggio Imperiale.  
The trees with the green field beyond said take this picture.

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