Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 climbs and descents pretty close to home.

Back on the bike today, although a fairly short ride on purpose, as the weather forecast is for improving weather as the week progresses.  I have no idea why, but my normal energy level just did not seem to be there today.  So, I took it pretty easy, pace wise, as the ride itself is pretty demanding with lots of climbing in a fairly short distance.  I checked my rides on Garmin, and I had not done this particular ride in 3 months, which really surprised me.  The ride has 3 climbs, each one longer than the preceding one, although the hardest climb is the Vincigliata climb, the second one.  I headed out through Le Cure, then my regular route to San Domenico, then up to the turn off for Maiano.  The climb to the turn off is around 180 vertical meters.  A sweet descent, then the start of the Vincigliata climb.

This is the hardest of the three climbs, with a couple pieces around 15%.  The vertical for this climb is around 280 vertical meters, then a great descent to Compiobbi awaits.  After getting into Compiobbi, there is a short stretch on the main road of around 1.3 kilometers, before turning off to climb to the Fiesole / Olmo road through Monteloro.  This is a nice climb, pretty user friendly with only a couple of places that hit 10%.  Good water in Monteloro, with around 2/3 of the vertical done in 1/2 the distance. The remainder of the climb after Monteloro is pretty easy, and the total vertical on this third climb is around 460 meters.  A short climb and the road hooks up with Via Faentina, which I take back home, enjoying the descent the whole way.  I think it was just a slow car, but I was on top of a car for around 1/2 of the descent.  Good day, even if the energy level was a little low.  26.1 miles in 2:11 rolling time for an average speed of 11.9 mph (slow) with 3163 vertical feet climbed with a sun effected average temperature of 55.  It was pretty windy out there today as well.  Perhaps that is where my energy went. Ciao.

Maiano, Vincigliata, Compiobbi, Monteloro, Olmo, Firenze by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

The climb to Monteloro begins in earnest now.

A peek-a-boo view through the trees.

An outlying building of the Monastery on the way to Monteloro.

Looking back at the main Monastery buildings around 1/2
the way up the climb to Monteloro.

This is the view of Monteloro after leaving the water fountain.

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