Thursday, March 6, 2014

Classic Chianti tour with Radda and Casellina in Chianti.

I did what I consider a local classic today, also, a really good training ride for the granfondo.  It is long with a fair amount of climbing, so it counts for training.  Basically, you ride South of Florence through the Chianti hills to the ridge above Siena where Radda and Casellina in Chianti mark the part of this ride.  The tour has a number of climbs and descents which is pretty characteristic of the riding here.  I went out through Grassina and Strada to get to Greve, which is a pretty fast, but scenic way to get to Greve in a little over an hour.  After Greve, I really love the Panzano climb, it is just a nice pretty regular grade and fun to push.  I enjoyed an excellent cafe in Panzano, and I think I have decided that this bar is the one I will frequent.  I have used another occasionally in the past, but the last time there, they were not very friendly and the cafe was not that great.

The descent from Panzano is really nice, and continuing the descent after the turn off to Lucarelli is excellent.  Another classic climb from Lucarelli to Radda, then a climb with a few descents along the ridge to Casellina.  A stop in Casellina for water and some food, then a short but steep climb to get to the ridge over to San Donato in Poggio.  Mostly a descent, and pretty fast, it has a few climbs in the first couple of kilometers.  Great views off toward Poggiobonsi, where the landscape opens up a bit.  After San Donato, I continue the descent to Sambuca, then ride the valley to the climb to San Casciano.  Another nice climb, nothing too steep, which now that I think of it, all the climbs today fit that description.  Back to Tavernuzze though Machiavelli's old town of San Andrea, then home through the Centro.

Just a great tour, and one I would like to share with clients, but it is a little long and perhaps too difficult for most.  I bet Don and Kay will be up for it when they are here.  68.3 miles in 4:33 rolling time for an average speed of 15.0 mph with 5141 vertical feet climbed at an average, sun effected, temperature of 57.  So lucky to have such a classic tour available to ride, let alone use as a training run.

Strada, Chiochio, Panzano, Radda, Casellina, San Casciano, Fi by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

I liked the view of the final part of the climb to Chiocchio.  
Nice road, twisty, and fun.

I pulled over to catch the view to the North on the final
part of the climb to Panzano.

The view of the entrance to the old town of Radda in Chianti,
around 1/2 way through today's long ride.

The ridge just above Casellina has wonderful views to the South.

Another view from the ride.  Yes the skies are clearing and it 
is starting to get sunny - yeah!

Another fun road shot, here in the valley between Sambuca and
the start of the climb to San Casciano.

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