Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guide training ride for Florence by Bike tours.

I did a short ride, but it took a while, as it was training to take out some tours for Florence by Bike, a shop here that I like and the sponsor of our team.  I often set up clients to rent bikes from them, and I use the shop, one of the best here in Florence for most of my bike related gear, which all you riders know is a fair amount of stuff.  A couple of years ago, I did a training ride for them, but it was the end of the season, I went out of town right after the training, and I was never used for a tour.  They have already set me up for one day touring, and I will hope for more.  They requested that I do the training ride again, which was fine.  If they are going to get me some work and have me take out tours, I will do what they want.  Leif, a friend, fellow guide, and team member, led the training ride.  Luca, a new person in town, and I went with Leif.

We basically did a very similar ride to what I did a couple of years ago, but there are new lunch spots, and it was a good refresher for how they like things done.  Also, after lunch, which the shop arranges, the guide is free to return to Florence any way they wish, which was a surprise to me.  So, it was certainly worth the time and effort.  I also got to meet Luca, a new guide for FBB, and he seems nice.  We rode out through Piazzale Michaelangelo, Poggio Imperiale, to Galuzzo, where we stopped for a cafe.  This is part of the planned tour, and at this time the clients generally want a little break.  We headed up the main road to Pozzolatico, and Leif pointed out good shade break spots.  We continued up the same road to Monteoriolo, where Leif showed us the two basic lunch options, which the shop sets up and picks before the ride.

We rode into Impruneta to see the restaurant they use if neither of the other spots works, then rode down through Bagnolo and saw the last, rarely used option for lunch.  Back down to Tavernuzze, then over to Galuzzo.  We had a new wrinkle going back to Florence by climbing up Bellasguardo, then back to the shop through the center of town.  A good way to bring tourists back to the shop, passing by Piazza Republica, and the Duomo.  A nice, relaxed ride for today.  Sorry, no pictures as I was being offically trained.

Florence by Bike guide training ride by ridingwithcosimo at Garmin Connect - Details

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